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District Goals

District Goals 

Goal #1

  • Support and Encourage an Active Student Body and Parent/Community Involvement

Goal #2

  • Provide Safe, Secure, and Student-Centered Facilities

Goal #3

  • Build and Maintain Personalized Staff and Student Relationships

Goal #4

  • Implement Technology to Enhance Student Performance

Goal #5

  • Cultivate Responsible and Character-Strong Kids

Goal #6

  • Produce and Maintain Educational Excellence with Quality Instruction & Career Connections

Goal #7

  • Remain Fiscally Prudent and Effectively Manage District Resources

Goal # 8

  • Develop a five-year plan for developing and constructing new facilities or renovating existing facilities designed to meet the anticipated growth in student population and to support the program needs of the school district. Demographic information and projections, a review of existing facility needs, program changes initiated by the state, and other information will be incorporated in the development of the five-year plan.


  1. Higher expectations will result in a higher success rate.
  2. All students deserve equal educational opportunities to develop the foundation for life-long learning.
  3. Family, community, school, and students share responsibility in the education process.
  4. The integration of technology is essential to the learning process.
  5. Data driven decision making and collaborative planning facilitate student achievement and curriculum development.
  6. The use of goal setting and problem solving strategies are critical to the development of the independent learner and decision maker.
  7. The learning community flourishes in a safe, supportive, caring, disciplined environment where mutual respect exists.
  8. Participation in extra-curricular activities, community service, and leadership training enhances character development and student success.
  9. Hiring, training, and retaining quality personnel promote student achievement.
  10. Pride, self respect, and personal integrity are essential in building a successful life-long learner.
  11. Consistent application of rules and modeling respect are essential to developing a safe, orderly, and caring environment.