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Professional Learning & Quality Staff

CBAS Pillar 5 - Sample Key Questions

Professional Learning/Quality Staff: Ensure that every student has quality teachers and adults in the schools that care about students, their learning, and their well-being.

  • To what degree do teachers set goals that reflect professional learning and growth?
  • To what degree are PLCs responsive to teacher needs?
  • To what degree are teachers delivering quality instruction?
  • To what degree do teachers apply instructional learning acquired in PLCs?
  • To what degree do we provide personalized professional learning that promotes reflection and enhances instructional quality?
  • To what degree are positive, appropriate relationships modeled, valued, and encouraged between all members of our community?
  • To what degree do we intentionally provide opportunities for all staff to build capacity?
  • To what degree do our recruitment and induction practices align with the district's mission and vision?