Huffman Independent School District

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Summer School, June 6th-30th. Summer Feeding, June 6th-30th, enter on the back side of HES.

Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to

Curriculum & Instruction


Assist. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction: 

Dr. Joel Nolte




Curriculum & Instruction Coordinators

ELA/Reading:  Amber Baccigalopi
Math:  Monica Dorcz
Science:  Debra Nolte
Social Studies:  Emily Garcia
Instructional Technology:  Carrie Slayton

Administrative Assistant:  Sherri Boothe






Access to District Curriculum/TEKS Resource System: TEKS RS


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Priorities


  • Continue implementation of the TEKS Resource System (TRS) in each K-12 core area to provide clear instructional guidance and rigorous learning targets
  • Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively:
  • Analyze and refine the scope and sequence (TRS) on an annual basis to meet the needs of our learners and the expectations within the TEKS.
  • Develop curriculum units including formative assessment strategies and common assessments
  •  Support student performance on STAAR tests and End of Course exams



Provide professional learning for teachers and administrators to use assessment as a tool to:

  • Inform instructional decisions
  • Engage students in their own learning
  • Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively analyze assessment results to improve instruction



  • Monitor the implementation of the TEKS Resource System
  • Provide professional learning opportunities to help teachers differentiate instruction, including the use of relevant and reasonable homework, to
  • upport student interests and strengths
  • Provide time, structure, and guidance to collaboratively share instructional strategies and ensure consistency of curriculum implementation
  • Continue hyper-monitoring to give teachers productive feedback to constantly pursue instructional effectiveness
  • Support the use of campus Professional Learning Communities to improve instructional and assessment strategies
  • Provide students with ongoing opportunities to collaborate globally
  • Promote and support the infusion of technology into teaching and learning:
  • Provide resources and support for professional learning
  • Model and support the use of digital tools, including student-owned devices, for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity
  • Implement and support the use of technology devices at all HISD campuses
  • Leverage "Cloud-based resources" such as Google Applications, to promote teaching and learning