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Board of Trustees

Huffman ISD

Board of Trustees 

The mission of Huffman Independent School District is to empower students to be responsible, life-long learners who are prepared to succeed in personal and professional life.

The School Board is responsible for governing and overseeing the management of the school district.  They monitor the progress toward the District's comprehensive goals and establish performance goals for the District.

Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
Huffman Independent School District 
346-485-6227 ext 6227


2023-2024 Meeting Dates

July 24

August 28

September 25

October 23 (LOCATION CHANGE TO MAY CENTER, 2100 Wolf Rd)

November 27

December 18

January 22

February 7

February 29

March 5

March 25

April 16 Board Goals Workshop

April 22

May 20

June 24