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Huffman Independent School District

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ESL Bilingual Education


Huffman ISD has committed to employing highly qualified teachers. Teachers serving in a bilingual classroom are trained and certified in bilingual education to teach English Language Learners.  Bilingual teachers collaborate and exchange instructional ideas with other teachers to find the most effective ways to meet the language needs of their students. They plan and work with their bilingual teaching partners as well as their grade level team.   Sheltered Instruction training has been provided for all teachers in grades 2-12.  This provides teaching strategies that lower the linguistic demand of the lesson without compromising the integrity or rigor of the subject matter.  

        Ana Silva                                                                  Cynthia Peace

Bilingual Coordinator                                       Language Acquisition Lead 


Huffman ISD Bilingual Teachers 

PreKindergarten: Irma Gonzalez

Kinder Bilingual Teacher: Ana Guevara 

1st grade Bilingual Teacher:  Vanessa Jaspe

2nd grade Bilingual Teacher: Sergio De La Pena

3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher: Licet Santos

4th Grade Bilingual Teacher: Ivonne De Arco 

5th Grade Bilingual Teacher: Tessa Kaplan


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