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Huffman Independent School District

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Employee Assistance Program

All Huffman ISD employees are covered under our new EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) as of November 2021!

Here are some introduction videos the longer has more details but the shorter one gives you a high overview on the reasons why you and/or your dependents might want to utilize this resource.  4.5 minute introduction  1 minute overview introduction

Employees can log onto the custom website link by clicking here: 

No additional log in information is needed.   
Or call Toll-free number: 888.293.6948

Some of the topics on the website and information online:

Research a licensed counselor

Financial Fitness

Emotional Well-Being

Personal Growth



Goal Setting

The only time a member will need to setup a log-in is:

  1. If the member wants to create custom legal documents from the legal center.  Those documents can be saved and are confidential so the member would set themselves up with a personal/individual log in and password.
  2. If the member is going to take a course out of the resource center.  The member would set themself up with their own log in and password.  This way any courses they take can be saved and certificates printed just in case the member was referred by a supervisor and the supervisor would want documentation the member took a specific course.

The Standard has a contract with Health Advocateā„  to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers a range of services to employees, their spouse/domestic partner, dependent children to age 26, and household members. Services include but are not limited to, work life services, legal and financial services, and short-term solution focused counseling sessions (face-to-face or virtual). EAP is designed to assist employees facing personal or workplace challenges and to steer them toward success.

Individual EAP face-to-face or virtual counseling services are not provided to dependent children under the age of 12. Children 12 and older are eligible for family/group counseling with their parent(s) or guardian(s). If a child under the age of 12 needs counseling assistance, Health Advocate will help coordinate a referral to a counselor in the covered employee's health insurance network or a community resource.

**EAP services are meant for short-term solution focused problem resolution; when younger children need counseling, it is often not due to a short-term issue. Health Advocate's counseling network is not comprised of specialists skilled in pediatric counseling. This is the common practice for EAPs.