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Huffman Independent School District

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Police Department

Huffman ISD Police Department
24403 E. Lake Houston Parkway 
Huffman, TX 77336    

Contact Numbers:
Huffman ISD Police Department

Chief of Police 
David S. Williams   

Police Officers:
Officer Claudia Arellano
Sergeant Mark Bradshaw
Officer Ricardo Rodriguez
Truancy Officer Amy Martinez
Officer Cecil Sweeney
Officer Pete Vela




This School year 2022-2023, marks the second year that Huffman ISD ("HISD") will operate its own police department. The Huffman ISD Police Department (also referred to as "HISD-PD") employs police officers who are all licensed under Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. As such, HISD police officers possess the same powers, authorities, duties, and immunities as all other Texas peace officers. HISD police officers possess state-wide authority and will travel with our faculty and students whenever school activities are held outside of the district, but the main duty and responsibility of the HISD Police Department’s officers will be to maintain a visible presence - and immediately respond to law enforcement incidents – on our district's campuses.

HISD-PD officers will also be patrolling the entire school district and enforcing Texas traffic laws regarding - among other issues - speed zone violations and unlawfully passing school busses. Traffic citations may be issued by HISD police officers for violations of the Texas Transportation Code. When necessary and appropriate, HISD-PD officers will also be enforcing relevant portions of the Texas Compulsory School Attendance Law ("Truancy cases"). 

Finally, HISD police officers will work in close coordination with the Texas school marshals who are employed by HISD to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff and faculty within the district.  Both HISD police officers and school marshals are authorized by state and federal law to use – and will use - deadly force in any situation that seriously threatens the physical safety or life of any other person.

The non-emergency telephone number for the Huffman ISD Police Department is: 281-324-7676. This is an administrative telephone number and, depending upon the circumstances, may be answered by an automated attendant.  

***Emergency calls for police, fire and medical service will still be routed through 9-1-1***

Please make certain that your student understands that any emergency calls for police, fire or medical service MUST be directed through 9-1-1.