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Secondary Student Devices Come Home for the Summer

Student with headphones and laptop


We are excited to share a new change in our school-assigned device program. Beginning in summer 2024, students in 6th through 11th grade will keep their school-assigned device year-round.

Taking their device home over the summer will allow all students to access online educational and enrichment resources to explore and create. Reading, thinking, and creating over the summer will continue to build the skills students learn in school and decrease the chance of learning loss while school is not in session.

Withdrawing from Huffman ISD?
Students who are leaving Huffman ISD should return their assigned device to their current campus or the Huffman ISD Administration building when completing the withdrawal process.

Summer Device Help
We know accidents happen and want to make sure your child’s device is working properly all summer as well as when they return to school. Our student help desk will be available during the summer for troubleshooting help and also to request repairs. Please send an email to as soon as a problem occurs.

What to do with the school-issued device over the summer if you do not want to use it?
We encourage families to manage access to the school-issued device over the summer, empowering students to explore resources at their own pace in a safe online environment. However, there is no requirement for online learning activities over the summer, allowing families to prioritize screen time as they see fit. Please find a safe location in the home to store the device and charger until the first day of school. Be sure to charge the device prior to the first day and send it to school with your child/teen.