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Huffman Independent School District

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School Bus Safety

Student's Responsibility

  1. Follow the instructions from the driver.
  2. Standard rules for courteous and correct classroom behavior are expected.
  3. A student is to sit in their assigned seat and may not deny another student a place to sit.
  4. Remain Seated. Students must remain seated and out of the aisle at all times. For safety reasons, students are not considered seated if they are not facing forward or are sitting on anything, including their leg(s), book(s), etc.
  5. Enter and leave the bus only through the front door except in case of an emergency, and at the direction of the driver. At no time is a student to open or exit through the emergency door except by direction of the driver.
  6. Students shall never attempt to operate the driver controls except in case of an emergency and only if the driver is unable to operate them.
  7. Normal conversation is permitted; any loud noise may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition. Shouting at passing persons or vehicles may startle or distract the driver.
  8. Immediately report any damage or graffiti you observe to the driver.
  9. Report any unsafe conditions, incident or harassment to the driver. If the situation is not resolved, immediately contact the Transportation Department at (281) 324-1711.

Parents/Guardian's Responsibility

  1. Review and discuss rules and procedures with your child.
  2. Teach your child that the driver is the person of authority on the bus and is to be respected.
  3. Make sure that your child arrives at the bus stop ten minutes before the designated time.
  4. Provide supervision for your child going to and from the bus stop and at the stop, if necessary.
  5. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.
  6. Have a plan for your child to follow in case he/she misses the bus.
  7. Discuss with your child about avoiding suspicious people or vehicles. Have a plan of action the child should take if they encounter a problem.
  8. Provide transportation for your child if the privilege of riding the bus is withdrawn.
  9. Make a reasonable effort to understand and cooperate with those responsible for student transportation.
  10. Accept responsibility for the proper conduct of your child.

Discipline Procedures

Inappropriate behavior will be documented by the driver and forwarded to the Director of Transportation.

  1. Minor offenses such as talking too loud or moving about more than the driver considers safe - verbal & written warning by the driver and a phone call to the parent.
  2. Progressive Discipline Report – With this process, the student may be administered loss of bus riding privileges if a student fails to correct a problem after being given numerous opportunities to do so.
  3. Serious offenses – The Director or designee will suspend the bus privilege immediately. The number of days will depend on the infraction. Law enforcement Involvement and additional school sanctions may apply.

The Director of Transportation or a school administrator has the authority to skip levels of discipline and has the authority to remove a student rider at any time from the bus. Students are reminded that riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right.

Transportation services may be discontinued at any time for a student when it is deemed the student compromised the safety and security of other riders and the driver. This decision will be made in the best interest of the District.