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Mental Health and Student Wellness

Huffman ISD Director of Mental Health & Student Wellness
Monica Oncale, LCSW-S

The Huffman ISD social work team provides direct and indirect social work services to students and families by addressing academic, behavioral, mental health and social emotional concerns in conjunction with student, family and campus needs.  Social workers serve as a link between the home, school and the community.

Social Work Services include:

  • Providing direct services to students to resolve the causes of academic, behavioral and/or social stresses
  • Provide crisis intervention services and referrals
  • Organize and facilitate small group counseling with students on various topics related to student well-being
  • Provide resources for students and families to outside agencies
  • Collaboration with other school professionals to provide comprehensive mental health support to campuses
  • Facilitate the collaboration between the school, home and community services to ensure educational success