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School Health Advisory Committee SHAC

What is SHAC?

  • The school board shall create a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) as defined in Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 28, Section (SEC) §28.004.

  • The SHAC assists the district to ensure that local community values are reflected in the district's health education instruction.

  • The SHAC provides guidance to the district on coordinated school health programming (curriculum) and its impact on student health and learning.

SHAC Membership

  • The board of trustees shall appoint at least five members to SHAC.

  • A majority of members must be parents of students enrolled in the district, and not Huffman ISD employees.

  • One of the parent members must be chair or co-chair.

Board of Trustees may also appoint one or more members from the following groups:

  • District employed teachers
  • Or a representative from a group other than a group listed above
  • Local domestic violence program
  • Nonprofit health organization
  • Clergy
  • Senior citizens
  • Law enforcement
  • Business community
  • Health care professionals
  • District students
  • District employed school administrators
  • District employed counselors

SHAC Responsibilities

SHAC makes policy recommendations to the school board on a wide variety of issues regarding student health in district programming and curriculum, including:

  1. Recommend the number of hours of instruction to be provided in:
  • K-8 health education; and
  • if the school district requires health education for high school graduation, health education, including physical health education (9-12), and
  • mental health education (9- 12);

2 Recommend policies, procedures, strategies, and curriculum appropriate for specific grade levels designed to prevent

3 Physical health concerns (includes obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes), and

  • Mental health concerns (including suicide)

  • Recommend strategies for integrating health curriculum components in a coordinated school health program for the district; if feasible, joint use agreements or strategies for collaboration between the district and community organizations or agencies;

    • Recommend strategies to increase parental awareness regarding

      • risky behaviors and early warning signs of suicide risks and behavioral health concerns, (including mental health disorders and substance use disorders) Tex. Educ. Code § 28.004(c).
    • Recommend appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction.

    • Recommend appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction regarding

      • Opioid addiction and abuse and methods of administering an opioid antagonist (as defined by Section 483.101, Health and Safety Code)
        • Child abuse

        • Family violence

        • Dating violence

        • Sex trafficking, (including warning signs that a child may be at risk for sex trafficking) Tex. Educ. Code § 28.004(c)(3), (c)(8).


*SHAC recommendations must not conflict with required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum.

SHAC Meeting Minutes 2022-2023

SHAC Meeting Audio Recordings 2022-2023

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